Practice Ownership

Owning and running a dental office isn't easy. On top of the administrative tasks you have responsibilities to deliver exceptional care to patients. At the end of the month your patients may be happy with their care but are you happy with your time, energy and money? Over 2 decades of owning a dental practice I've learned tons. Some from coaches, some by seminars, but mostly from trial and error. During that time I've documented what worked and what didn't. This book is a summation of what's been learned.Thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent trying to figure out "The Moneyball" of dentistry. This book will help leapfrog you forward in your learning path.It's time to demystify the inner workings of a practice. It's time to get your dental house in order. And, it's time to make the biggest investment of you life payoff. Payoff in money, free time and renewed energy. Available on Amazon.

Clinical Instruction

Dental procedures are filled with nuance. Knowing how to handle these details can be the difference between success and failure.
After decades of private practice Dr. Brad Revering has seen thousands of patients, worked with several dentists, and performed countless procedures. During this time, he has documented cases and created instruction on how best to handle procedures and situations. Over time his documentation was assembled into a training manual. This book features the exact manual used to train dentists at Cross Timbers Dental.  Available on Amazon.