Leading with Head AND Heart

Today's leader must know the technical part of business plus understand self and cooperate with others.

Possessing soft skills plus hard skills IS your competitive edge. Most business owners don't get that.

I help awaken this deep understanding within you.

My Personal Journey

Upon leaving dental school, my goal was crystal clear—I aspired to own a dental practice. However, the reality hit hard—I lacked the knowledge of running a business, and being the first in my family to complete college, I felt a profound need to acknowledge my limitations and learn the ropes. The pressure mounted as I faced substantial personal guarantees for loans, a high-interest unsecured loan, and the looming possibility of losing everything if the venture failed.

And so, my entrepreneurial journey began.

I immersed myself in learning, borrowing programs from fellow dentists, attending every business seminar I could find, and eventually working with a coach. The practice started to gain traction, surpassing my initial expectations within five years, but growth came with a new set of challenges. With a debt of $1.8 million, I invested in a new building and land to accommodate the expanding practice.

Yet, success brought its own predicament—I found myself tethered to the office, unable to step away without jeopardizing the entire operation. Despite having a financially prosperous business, I felt trapped, reminiscent of the lyrics from "Hotel California"—I could check out any time I like, but l may never leave!

To break free, I began organizing my accumulated knowledge, meticulously categorizing teachings, workbooks, surveys, diagrams, and more. Months of sifting revealed a pattern—four fundamental categories emerged: Leadership, Administrative, Marketing & Sales, and Production. This structure became the foundation for a deeper understanding of my business and more informed decision-making.

Further division and refinement within each category clarified the once overwhelming sea of information. With this newfound clarity, my decision-making became more strategic, leading to a positive flywheel effect on my leadership abilities, results, control, and confidence.

By making calculated moves at the right time, I took a bold step—halving my clinical time while increasing my hours worked. The magical part? My income remained unaffected, defying conventional expectations.

The results were not just a product of logic and knowledge but also a personal transformation. My fascination with the psychology of successful individuals, spanning business, athletics, entertainment, and social causes, became a cornerstone. Learning from experts and applying these insights to myself, I recognized the importance of managing emotions and personal state amid challenges.

Amidst the data organization phase, the significance of leadership emerged prominently. Initially perceived as a nebulous concept, leadership became a subject of curiosity. Could it be dissected and structured? As I delved into it, patterns surfaced, and I discovered that effective leadership entails a delicate balance of "head" and "heart."

The "head" represents the logical, hard skills crucial for decision-making, skills that cannot be delegated. On the other hand, the "heart" involves the emotional aspect—a recognition that business involves people, their motivations, and the leader's awareness of both their own and others' feelings.

While achieving business success and financial prosperity, I realized that personal fulfillment matters just as much. A big business and a fat wallet lose value if accompanied by a frown on your face and a line of disappointed people.

Now, as a more mature individual on an ongoing journey of self-improvement, I understand that enlightenment is an aspiration that never truly concludes. By embracing the structure of head and heart, my business has become more fulfilling than ever, and the horizons ahead seem limitless.

Why I Do This. 

So much time and money have been invested in my journey, and I believe it would be a waste to keep it all to myself. I've had the privilege of learning from the best, and their insights are intricately woven into my own structure. Just like them, I've dedicated a significant amount of time and energy to building my part of the business and personal knowledge base. The torch of knowledge was passed down from their generation to mine, and now it's my turn to pass it on to others.

In a broader sense, I engage in this endeavor to contribute to the advancement of the ideas of capitalism, hard work, taking risks, and being self-aware. It is leaders who possess both logic and empathy that have the power to elevate society. While others in society can also make a difference, business leaders play a crucial role as they provide the economic engine that supports it all. I firmly believe that we are all created to be industrious, and while business isn't the sole arena for expressing potential, it has been a significant platform for many.

My driving force is the belief that the structure and information within this framework can elevate many individuals to a higher place than before. I envision homes with greater tranquility because the natural entropy of business and money is better controlled. I see leaders, once filled with self-doubt and worry, now operating with conviction and confidence. My hope is that employees find themselves working in an environment where they can feel proud, secure, and challenged.

In essence, successful businesses generate strong forward momentum for society, and I want to actively contribute to that movement.